After School Junior Tennis

Runs from September to May

At Round Hill Country Club, we offer the most competitive Junior Program you will find in the area! Overseen by our exceptional full-time Staff, we offer classes from Fall to Spring for kids of all ages and abilities. We emphasize a 6:1 player/teaching pro ratio to avoid an over-crowded court. This maximizes the learning experience for our players. Continue reading to find out more about our Junior Tennis Programs!

Hot Shots

Do you have a young one who would like to get started in the game? Our Hot Shots class is targeted towards 4-5 year olds who are just learning how to play. It's a fun environment and a great way to introduce your child to tennis! Whether they attend once or twice a week, this 1/2 hour class is just the right amount of time to ensure they have a great experience!

Super Stars

Our Super Stars class targets 6-7 year olds who are also just picking up the game, or have had limited experience playing. This class is a natural progression for some who are "graduating" from the Hot Shots class, or are simply older kids who are new to tennis. This is a one-hour class that is conducted twice a week. Here, they will learn the fundamentals of tennis, including proper grips and technique.

Future Stars

Future Stars is the next step for beginning to intermediate players from 8 years and older. This is also a one-hour class that runs twice a week. Some kids will have previous experience playing tennis, while others may not. Here, we not only focus on the fundamentals, but begin to introduce consistency, accuracy, and strategy. Our goal is to get all of our Future Stars to the point where they can start to rally with each other and play full-court with some degree of success.

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy focuses on intermediate to advanced players from the ages of 9-17 years old. The group is typically divided by age and ability so that kids can feel comfortable among their peers. This is an hour and a half class that is available Monday-Thursday. Strategy is integrated into the lesson plans. These kids are at the level where they are able/willing to compete and the basic requirements of ground stroke, volley, serve, and overhead stroke production have been met. Players are still working on their technique, consistency, accuracy, but conditioning is also a focus for this class. We strive to develop not only good tennis players, but healthy tennis players!


This class is for a player aspiring to play on high school teams and consistently plays tennis throughout the course of the year, as well as participates in USTA Tournaments. Pre-Elite is an invitational only class advised by the pros at Round Hill. Work ethic, effort and attitude are other factors necessary to be invited and retained in the class.

Junior Elite

Our Junior Elite classes are for the more dedicated player. This Junior Tennis class is for advanced players who are either on their High School Varsity Team, or are tournament level players. This class is an invitation-only class. It is held twice a week for 2 hours. The class emphasis is on drilling, strategy, stroke production and conditioning. The conditioning portion of the class is more prevalent than in any of our other Junior Programs. If you have a serious, competitive and motivated tennis player, this is the class for them! To ask about enrollment in this class, please contact Nino Louarsabishvili.