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Round Hill Country Club, a BoardRoom Magazine Distinguished Club

July 2018

We are proud to announce that Round Hill Country Club has been awarded the prestigious Distinguished Club award, as determined by the annual Distinguished Clubs award program conducted by BoardRoom magazine, one of the most respected trade publications serving private clubs.

“We’d like to congratulate Round Hill Country Club for earning Distinguished Club status,” said John Fornaro, Publisher of BoardRoom magazine, “Special recognition also goes out to Round Hill’s General Manger, Greg Gonsalves, as well as the Club’s Board of Directors, its department heads, and the entire staff for their efforts to provide an excellent Member experience.”

For fine private clubs that operate at the highest standards, BoardRoom magazine’s entirely merit-based Distinguished Clubs award program uses a club-specific rating system that recognizes the club, its management, and its staff based on a proprietary criteria and evaluation process that distills and measures a club’s Member Experience. As such, the rating system used by Distinguished Clubs is different from any that has come before, and with it, the private club industry now has the means to identify the top private clubs based on the most important aspect: Member Experience.

As defined by Distinguished Clubs, “Member Experience” is that special combination of
“Qualities” that a private club provides its members. It is not just the quality of service, or of the facilities, or of the product provided, it is also the quality of the staff and of the management, as well as the overall club governance they deliver. The most important quality, however, is the quality of the intangible. While difficult to measure, the latter is comprised of those magic moments experienced, the members befriended, the memorable events and fabulous tournaments attended, as well as the club traditions, history, and heritage proudly recognized.

The Distinguished Clubs award program is a thorough process that effectively distills and then measures a club’s Member Experience, based on their proprietary formula:
Member Experience equals:

• Intangible Quality plus
• Service Quality plus
• Governance Quality plus
• Facility Quality plus
• Product Quality, or simply:
or simply: ME = IQ + SQ + GQ + FQ + PQ

The above “Quality Criteria” are more weighted on the three aspects of a club that provide the finest Member Experience and the things that make the club exceptional. Accordingly, IQ (Intangible Quality), SQ (Service Quality) and GQ (Governance Quality) are weighted most.

Boardroom magazine developed the Distinguished Clubs award program to recognize and share – with the private club industry as a whole – what it is that Distinguished Clubs do differently, and to do so with the specific goal of improving the Member Experience at every private club, and thereby helping to preserve the institution of private clubs for many future generations.

BoardRoom magazine is the official publication of the Association of Private Club Directors and is published in print and digital formats, and shipped to 27 countries worldwide. BoardRoom magazine is now widely viewed as the most respected and influential magazine in the private club industry.

For more detailed information about Distinguished Clubs, please visit:

Alamo Women's Tennis Team Wins National Championship

October 2012

(Left to Right) Gina Goforth Vitzthum, Caroline Macke, Yoonies Kim, Kerry Davis, Tracy Iler, Rosilene Campos Bleeg, Tracey Bracco, Tara Khoury and Cecily T. Barclay of the National Championship Women's Tennis Team.

Press Release from the USTA

The Women's Team from Alamo, representing the USTA Northern California Section, captured the national title at the USTA League 2.5 Adult National Championships held at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA on Sept. 30.

The Alamo team defeated a team from Waipahu, Hawaii, 2-1 in the Championship match. Earlier in the day, the Alamo team defeated Cleveland, Ohio 3-0 in the semifinals. They advanced this far by winning their round-robin flight contested on Friday and Saturday.

The Round Hill Country Club team is captained by Susan J. Leo and includes Gina Goforth Vitzthum, Caroline Macke, Yoonies Kim, Kerry Davis, Tracy Iler, Rosilene Campos Bleeg, Tracey Bracco, Tara Khoury, and Cecily T. Barclay.

The top four teams in order of finish are: Northern California, Hawaii, Sourthern, Midwest.

This year's USTA League 2.5 Adult National Championship has drawn the top 26 teams (9 men's and 17 women's) from throughout the nation.

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of USTA League. Since its inception in 1980, it has grown from 13,000 participants in its first year, to over 835,000 players across the nation today, making it the world's largest recreational tennis league.

Round Hill Country Club recognized as #6 Top Workplace in the Bay Area amongst Midsize Companies

June 2011

Each year, the Bay Area News Group conducts an exclusive survey ranking the best places to work in the entire Bay Area. Companies are rated by compensation and benefits, company leadership, career opportunities and other key indicators. The companies that participate are then categorized into size bands based on number of employees. Each company is then ranked within their size band based solely on the employee responses to the survey statements. The top employers in each size band are then selected as the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area for 2011. 1,370 companies were invited to participate and 65 made the cut as Top Workplaces. Round hill Country Club is proud to be recognized as #6 amongst Midsize Companies (151-499 employees).

Alamo California listed by as one of the communities with the highest annual income in America

February 2011

Taking the 23rd slot with a median income of $154,754, the median home price is listed as nearly $1.5m. The article features a photo of the Round Hill Country Clubhouse, taken from the #18 green. Alamo is described as "a place where tall popular trees stand strong amid sprawling homes and vast, rolling hills. Here's a quiet little oasis rich with delectable mom-and-pop restaurants and the charm of a West Coast Mayberry with good schools. Bring along your horses and stop off at the various feed stores along the splendid riding trails."

Round Hill Country Club receives Course Renovation Award

March 2005

Each year Certis USA sponsors a competition among member owned and operated private country clubs that undergo golf course renovations. Round Hill Country Club was nominated for consideration following the extensive improvements to our already excellent 18 hole championship course. The project began in August 2004. By October 1, the first nine holes were back in operation. The project was completed in mid-December.

The Ree Jones Course at The Breaks in West Palm Beach, Florida was chosen for top honor. Round Hill was mentioned third of the five finalists from across the nation. John Steidel served as the architect for the project, with Wadsworth Golf Construction Company performing the work.

Local golfers, both Members and their Guests, seem to agree with the people at Certis. Comments indicate that the work is an overwhelming success, both from as aesthetic and playability standpoint.

The course renovation is the second of four major improvements taking place at our local club. In the spring of 2004 a beautiful aquatics center opened to rave reviews. Early in January 2006, the Club opened a new state-of-art 4,000 square foot tennis clubhouse to serve its thriving contingent of tennis enthusiasts. And it is anticipated that the golf course maintenance facility will be replaced with modern, architecturally striking building complex in 2007.